“Mr Eyasin Papon / PathFriend Tour Operator: best, and most honest, tour operator ever met!”,
Based in Dhaka, I have used Mr Eyasin Papon’ services since mid 2015, and I must say that I have rarely met such a nice and honest Tour Operator! First, we went with him last June on a 4-days tour Rocket Steamer – Sundarbans tour, long enough to really appreciate Mr Eyasin’s bright and friendly personality. Great tour, great boat, and what a great food being cooked for us on board! We could not believe how tasty and well prepared everything was! Second, since then I have booked a few other tours with him, unfortunately we had to cancel a few of them due to various reasons, and Mr Eyasin Papon always tried his best to grant me the best possible refund – which I did not even asked for, considering that I was the one responsible for the cancellations. Never seen such a honest and dedicated Tour Operator! I would recommend to anyone visiting Bangladesh to go through Mr Eyasin Papon’s Tour Operator company PathFriend, without a single hesitation. He will simply do his best for you to have a great time, and to share with you his love for his country. Visited June 2015


Vincent MeyerParis, France