Dhaka City Tour

This trip will start in the morning and mostly cover the old part of Dhaka. This is more, attracted by the tourist. The main attractions are Sadarghat (river front), Ahsan Manjil (Pink Palace), Lalbagh Fort, Star Mosque, Armenian Church, Dhakeswari Temple, Karzan Hall, National Parliament Building, National Museum, Liberation War Museum and Dhaka Zoo.

Tourist Attractions – RANGAMATI

Kaptai Lake is a very large artificial lake, spreading over 680 sq.km of crystal- clear water flanked by hills and evergreen forest in Rangamati district.Fascinating life and living of ethnic people are a great attraction, indeed.Rangamati has a beautiful landscape, scenic beauty, it’s flora and fauna, home-spun textile, bamboo made handbags, flower vases and ivory jewelry and above all the lifestyle of ethnic people.Tribal Museum, Rajban Bihara, Bein textile factory and sales center, Kalpataru, Ivory product shop, Hanging Bridge, Tribal village, Chakma kings house and weekly Hat (market) are worth visiting the place.

Tourist Attractions – BANDARBAN

The exotic culture of Marma ethnic minority. The Marma are simple and hospitable people. Bandarban is also the home of the Murang who are famous for their music and dance. The highest peaks on the northern side are Thangnang, Langliang and Khantiang while those on the southern side are Ruma, Taung, Keokeradong, Tajingdong (4632 feet, highest in Bangladesh), Mowdok Mual, Rang Tlang and Maudok Tlang.Expedition to Chimbuk Hill & Murang villages standing on the lap of the cloud is 25 km to the south of Bandarban town.Boga Lake is a wonderful natural Lake and best place for an overnight of Bandarban.Ruma, Keokeradong & Tajingdong are the best attraction in Bandarban area.Nilgiri is famous for its natural beauty where one cloud experience the touch of passing cloud A cottage maintain by Bangladesh army is available to stay on prior permission. Jadi Temple / Golden Temple is the biggest in Bangladesh.Nilachol and Shuvranila are referred to as Darjeeling of Bangladesh. Trekking excursion to Hatibandha is a beautiful Tripura village.