Cox’s Bazaar– the longest natural sea beach in the world (120 km). Miles of silvery sands, surfing waves, rare conch shells, towering cliffs, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribal life– this is Cox’s Bazaar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. The morning fish market, a few very old wooden temples in Ramu is the most attraction in Cox’s Bazaar. Trip to Sonadia and Moheshkhali are memorable experiences of a life time.

St. Martin, the only coral Island of Bangladesh– is inhabited by 7/8 thousands of people. Most of them are depending on fishing or fishing related activities. There are beautiful coral on southern corner of this island. Chera Dip– another small island should be visited on your trip by the boat. The water is much clearer here compare to other beach. It is possible to snorkeling here if you carry your own equipment. It is fantastic, if you stay there during the full moon time.

 Deluxe Packages Tour
Area / period
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DURATIONS
Cox’s Bazar by road the longest beach 30000 19000 18500 18000 17500 17000 16500
Cox’s Bazar by air the longest beach 42500 29500 28500 28000 27500 27000 26500
Cox’s Bazar with St. Martin cxb,  ramu, teknaf & st. martins 53500 32500 29500 29000 28500 28000 27500
Cox’s Bazar with Teknaf cxb, maheshkhali, ramu & teknaf 57000 34500 27500 27000 26500 26000 25500
St. Martin Island coral island 20500 18500 15500 14000 13000 12000 11500  2 days/3 nights